Permissions for Links in Tables

There is a Display Rule option on the Table Columns that will actually remove a link for Viewing or more importantly Editing by using the "Hide Value" option. That being said there is no way to use the IF statement to trigger if a Permission or Role is met. So for example in many places on the App I can create a rule in the Data Source to only display records belonging to the Connected Logged-in Admin/User... I current can select this Admin Role Field in the IF statement section but the dropdown options don't allow for Logged-in Admin only like it does in other areas.

Agree that the implementation of rules/conditions is inconsistent. In some areas you can compare/set values based on static, form or connected values. Other areas your only option is to compare to a static value.

A generic equation or boolean expression should be supported anywhere there is a set/compare action. And that expression syntax should support lookups (SQL select statements) into existing or related records.