Table filter

I am trying to limit access to a page/table view. It seems straight forward initially, but the answer is not coming to me …

I need two groups of users to be able to access the page/table.

  1. Anyone with a user role of “Role A”. This is easy by setting the page login to user role “Role A”, which would allow access to all data in the table.
  2. Anyone with a user role of “Role B” that is selected in a connected field titled “Owner”. This is easy by adding a table (data source) filter “Owner is the logged-in Role B”, which would allow access to only those matching records.

Where I am having trouble is giving access to either of the above options. As soon as a filter is added it prevents Role A from access, and if you don’t have a filter, it doesn’t limit the second option as required.

What am I missing?

I’m not sure I totally understand the issue, however, I often have two versions of the table on the same page and show/hide them with a page rule based on their user role.

This way each role sees a different version of the same table, so you can have slightly different versions.

For example, I may not want one user role to be able to edit so their table is missing the edit link.

I apologise if I’m completely missing the point.

Happy to connect if you want to run through it with me.

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Thanks for the help Carl. That worked - duplicating the table and then creating page rules based on user role.

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Excellent, glad that it worked. A quick Zoom call was worthwhile. :rocket: