Multiple user roles viewing same page view

How do I create a very detailed page view with a lot of inputs and share it over multiple user roles? I do not want to recreate the form for different roles.

Hi @Kyle

Are you trying to limit access to a form that adds / edits a record?
Are you trying to limit what a user sees when adding / editing a record?
Are you trying to limit access to a details view?
Are you trying to limit access to individual components on a details view?

If you can provide more detail it would help to explain what you are trying to achieve. Marked up screenshots or a short video would help :+1:

Thanks for the reply. It is a form with lots of inputs. One user group is owners and other one is director. I set up single login home page and then redirect to owner home page and the other one is directed to director home page. As you can imagine, both have most rights to everything, but the owner has a couple more things he can do, like add users or whatever.

Since they both have two roles, I am not sure how to get page views that are the SAME under each user login menu tree. I do not want to create the same page for multiple user roles.

If I could copy, then I assume I would modify the copy to make perfect. But if somehow, I link to a page that is not is this user roles, (if that is possible) then I would not be able to modify the page as it is just a link to another page. To answer your specific questions, no I am not really limiting the edit or detail view. Just want to use the same form in multiple users (modify slightly if needed).

Just apply multiple roles on same page.

then this page is available for both user role


There is a menu tree with pages under each user role. So if I do not create a new page how do I get the view in 2 user groups menu. Let me see if this follow up questions helps me to explain my original question better. If I spend a day building out the menu and pages for owner, can I create another menu tree with the same pages, then go in and delete some of the pages for the manager menu tree.

I understand what I think you was explaining, add 2 user roles to login then they see the same menu tree and page views. Only thing I want each role to have a slightly different menu but do not want to build the page multiple times (especially when it is a form that has lots of inputs.) How to re-use a same page views across multiple user roles but everyone still have a slightly different menu?

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I got it figured out. Your help did get me thinking. Just wanted to sy your input did indeed help me to get this figured out.

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