Different Home Pages based on User Role

A common thing I’ve seen across multiple apps I’ve worked on is that different roles have access to different set of pages and this doesn’t work great when only one user role has access to that page.

For e.x., Clicking on the header logo redirects the user to a login screen saying they don’t have access to the page. Most people don’t read this message properly and keep trying to login repeatedly…

I’ve achieved this through JS mods but it would be nice if there’s an option to define the home page and header link for each user role…

Hey @Arjun we do this often using the same Home page with page rules to hide views from certain user roles. Makes for easier management of a single page.

Is that what you’re after?

You can handle this by checking the box under Settings>Header & Menu.
That way, only user that have access to the page see it.
I then use a Home Page with page rule redirects based on User Roles to navigate each user role to the correct landing page for their workflow.