Hide/show a menu item based on a field's value

I'd like to conditionally hide a menu item based on a field value. This will support a 'workflow' functionality.

Example: If the status = "Canceled", hide the "Cancel" menu item, but show the "Reactivate" menu item instead.

Hi Randall -
I'd love to get a bit more clarification on this feature suggestion. Are you referring to a page menu item at the top of a Live App page? If so, I'm curious on when this value would be checked and the menu would show / hide. Are you envisioning navigating to a details page and then the page menu item would change based on a field value?

Alternatively, I'm wondering if you are referring to a Menu view button. Currently Page Rules cannot hide individual menu view buttons, but if you had two menu views, you could use Page Rules to hide show each based on a field value.

Thanks for clarifying!

This would be a very useful feature for my business app.