Ability to show/hide Titles/Instructions in View and Form Display Rules

I love the display rules and they are very handy in both the normal detail views and on forms. In both situations, I sometimes have a "Title" or a "Title/Instructions" in my view/form that is a label for a block of fields that I will hide under certain conditions.

At the moment, there is no way to make the title / title-instructions show hide with it.

It could be in the list as "Title -> <Text of the Title Field>" when choosing what to show or hide with the display rules. Thanks for considering.

Stephen - there's actually a feature request for hiding the Title/Instructions inputs. Feel free to add your comment and/or vote there. Thanks!

Sorry for the bump.
Laura, that's a good solution if you have multiple views for different sections for the same object, however I think what OP was indicating was being able to hide any Title/Instructions fields in the same view.
For example, I have multiple groups in a form view, each with a title, and multiple fields beneath each title. On form load, the form will be blank, apart from some checkboxes at the top, each with a rule to show the different groups. Unfortunately, the titles/instructions can't be hidden along with these input fields.
Happy to hear thoughts.

Page rules don't seem to work dynamically with the content in the child record, only the parent. there are times when show/hide within the view would be helpful to show instructions based on a form/view rule. Thanks

This is available with the Page Rules feature; when a view is hidden based on particular criteria, the title and instructions are hidden along with that view.

I need this.. searched and was about to like this topic, but I already did, several months ago.. Hopefully a comment will refresh the thread..

Come guys, this is an easy request.