👋 Hello from Knack Support!

Hello fellow Knacksters!

We’re excited to release this new forum to our community, so it can become a place where you can count on quality discussion and help for all your Knack needs.

As a reminder, please reference Working With Support - Knack Knowledge Base to understand our full support offering. Technical and issues specific to your applications or account should still be sent to support@knack.com.

The Knack team will be ramping up and engaging in broader discussions here at our new forum home.

To kick off the conversation – we want to learn from you what you’d like to see as far as improvements go to our support offering, so we can better serve you. We’re especially interested in the way you’d like to see this forum used, but any thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our support offering are welcome.

Thank you for your time and engaging with the Knack community!

Was going through the Greetings! message from discobot but he asks you to Flag the post, but I do not see any flag option or … option as was suggested.

Oh no, my nasty post hasn’t been flagged as inappropriate yet. :worried: Can you flag it as inappropriate using the flag ? Don’t forget to use the show more button to reveal more actions for each post.

I see the flag option on this topic at the bottom.


Thanks for checking in about that. The discobot forum tutorial came with this platform, and we’re trying to sort that out. The ability to flag posts is available for users with a trust level of 1, so it’s possible you achieved that after the discobot asked you to try out that feature.

Apologies for any confusion. Please feel free to flag anything inappropriate if you come across it, and if you have not yet earned the trust level that affords you that option, please reach out to support@knack.com to let us know.

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It’s cool to see this effort ramping up. Nice work Knack team. :+1:

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