Global app settings for default submit rules

Allow us to batch create a “Default” submit rule to Redirect to the parent page all forms of our app.

Now we need to set it up form by form everytime that we create a form… and it’s really time consuming.

Agree with @knckusr - almost every form I build is set to redirect to parent rather than show confirmation message. It would be great to be able to set this in app settings rather than on every page.


I 3rd this request, I nearly always want to go to parent page.

If I had 10c for the amount of times I’ve forgotten to make the change until testing …


Updated the title of this topic. I think there’s a product update somewhere in here, and wanted to share some thoughts, along with copying in a recent quote from another post.

This comment does a great job of expanding a bit on this request: Live App: Global Menu View Styles

I actually started thinking about this recently when reviewing this request: Add table lines just pressing an "add line" button

My hunch is that the problem that addresses that need is more about making it very quick and easy for live app users to add a new record while working with other records in the live app. There are different scenarios and plenty of limitations to be considered, but I think we’ve got some existing functionality that may actually get us most of the way there, if we just did a better job helping builders update their app to achieve a more ideal flow, with:

  • Add Forms (especially when inserting connected records) should default to be linked to from menu views, which can sit immediately above or below a table
  • With child pages that open in a modal pop-up
  • That have submit rules that redirect to the parent page

I know I’m preaching the choir here, but wouldn’t mind some feedback from you all.

  1. Do the points I listed hit the mark? Or is there more to it? (custom JS, anything else you all employ?)
  2. Would global app settings with default rules be the best option, or are these settings really only best served for “Add” forms, and would require that specificity?

Thanks for your help grooming this feature request!

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@Jessie - I totally agree with your points. When adding a table it would be great to select an option that allows adding a menu that adds a new record. There are very few situations that I add a table without needing to add a form that adds a new record.

The current process has more steps: I have to add a form, link to a menu, move the menu to the correct place, set to modal, redirect to parent and delete the form description (the form title is enough in a popup).
Then I can set my fields, display / record rules.

I’m not an fan of inline editing but I understand there may be certain situations this would work. Not sure how this would work with address fields or multi choice. I prefer a pop up form. I can then use form logic to show/hide fields for workflow and set rules on submission.

I find that most new clients have their tables set for inline editing because they have come from spreadsheets.

Another issue for me with inline editing is that if the field is a link to another page, for example, a company name, when you click on it, the page redirects and the edit dialogue still pops up after the new page has redirected. I use field links extensively on tables so users can more easily navigate. This makes inline editing unsuitable.

I also find that using a modal popup gives an extra level of user protection against accidental data changes, opening a form is premeditated


I’m not sure I’ve fully got me head in to this thread but FWIW, yes, being able to easily add a record to a table would be great. We’ve got an app that needs to replicate an invoice like function which we eventually send via Zapier to Xero. Users need to be easily able to add an extra line and edit certain text and we’ve had to do some custom stuff to make it obvious enough to them.

I’m similar to @CarlHolmes in that I’m not a super fan of inline editing but mainly because it’s a little bit clunky at the mo. I’m used to Airtable’s ability to edit straight in the field rather than clicking, a form opening, editing the form and clicking submit. It’s too many steps.

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The original request of this thread was the possibility to
Bulk/batch redirect to the parent page all forms of our app

I completely agree with the basic concept of changing the default behaviour of Submit and similar rules but would like to make some additional observations…

  • It should be possible to determine the most appropriate behaviour based on the specifics of the view being created - for example an edit from a table will most likely be a Modal Popup with return to parent page whereas a page which is accessed from a Tab Style menu is more likely to be a normal (non-popup) page which returns a success message. I would imagine that it would be possible to work out what these defaults should be and build this into the system.
  • At the moment, the options for Modal Popup are on the Settings menu for the page - I get why (they are page level and submit etc are view level) - but it should be possible from a UI point of view to make this simpler to navigate - perhaps being able to set the page’s mode from the view rules page?? Somehow it is very easy to forget to make the Submit Rule and Settings changes every time - leading to the need to go back in and sort it.

Also keen on the idea of optionally creating an add record form to a table - prompting the user as to whether it should be a popup, should return to parent page etc. This ‘add’ button could even be built as part of the table view itself rather than a separate menu view?

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Agreed, this would be very useful.