Filters remain in place when returning to table view

When you have filters applied to a table and you change views to add, edit or view a record

When you go back to the table view your filters are gone.

[Jessie] Note: Separate but related issue: Editing record on page 5 of table in a modal pop up will return you to page 1 of the table, instead of remaining on page 5.

Very elegant fix//thanks a lot !!

Instead of displaying a weird back button (as described above) I added the following:

on Form Rules -> Submit Rules -> select "Redirect to another website URL" and paste in:


*now we accomplish the goal without the user having to click any new buttons! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!

Brilliant - thank you

Works perfectly.

Agreed - its a time consuming annoyance, as the filters are kept if you use the submit back button, but if you use 'return to parent page' which is the quickest and easiest option for users, then the filter is lost. When a user spends all day, every day on table edits, this adds up to a lot of wasted time and keystrokes ... should be an easy fix Knack?

Andrew - UK user and developer

yeah, thanks Sam. I have my forms to redirect to the parent page which doesn't remember the filter string. I did just test switching that to show a confirmation message and automatically reload the form. Then the browser back button does keep the filter URL query string. If we go back by using the breadcrumb nav we lose the it though. Will also have to test how that plays with the modal popups. Will talk to my team about which they prefer. Just a little detail...

Super old feature request, not sure if there is another one about this, but it is annoying to have to reapply filters, even if they are saved filter views when returning to the list after editing an item. I have preset filters by status. The view defaults to "Active" however we frequently are editing things in a "Waiting Invoice" status. And multiple at a time. When we filter, then go in to edit, then save and return to the list we have to reapply the filter.