Menu Triggers

Add menu items that can trigger actions similar to form submit rules: send emails, delete the record, update the record, etc.

Hi John,

Please contact me via email, I’m excited to help.


Andy and Jeff

Thanks so much for answering, your offer Jeff is very generous and very much appreciated, however in this instance re the task app I am very keen to take the "short cut" route if at all possible, I am a newbe to Knack spending all my time going through the initial learning curve and writing a job control app for a good friend of mine, one of the features is to be a task app so when I saw the screen shots of the app above I saw a way to save time (always a priority at 70) and thus being able to devote more time to the main app, so if Andy is able to share his I would be very appreciative but I understand if not.

Now I have found his forum, I have several other frustrating issues with Knack that I am sure others have come up against and will be posting those in due course again hoping to learn from others experiences.  

Again thanks to you both.


Jeff, please do help John if you have the time. 


Hi John,

I don't want to steal the opportunity from Andy if he's interested, but I'm happy to help you through this as well. 

I'm also equally in favor of helping to talk you through it via this forum, that way all users can benefit. 

Feel free to reach out to me as well at if you'd like.


Hi Andy

Looks like you have put together a nice tasks screen, I am in the process of building one of these and it would save me a bunch of time (thus money) if you could share it with me (for compensation of course). 


Andy -- 

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for putting this up. A great solution, thank you! It wasn't hard to execute, but I think I might have struggled to come up with the idea for ages.

In case anybody else finds this, note that the Action/When/Values screen is called "Record Rules" now, not "Submit Rules". 

Certainly does. Thanks Andy.

Guy -

The main reason to do this is to give users very controlled access to certain records, offering them a menu of things they can do, and then editing the record or inserting new records under program control. As you point out, the byproduct is something like a change log.  

In the attached example, the user can assign a task to another user, assign it back to the 'task owner', close or abandon the task.  The first image shows the user interface.  "Do something..." is actually adding an Event record that is a child of the Task record.  "Task History" is a table of prior Events.

The next image shows how Submit rules for adding an Event are used to update the connected Task and also keep track of which user did the Event.

Hope that helps -

Hi Andy,

I think you are describing a change log, is that right?

Dont suppose you can provide an example or maybe further clarify? an image maybe?

One way to do this is to create an Action record that is a child of the record you intend it to act on.  The Event can have a multi-select field that lists any number of potential actions (e.g. update a field in the parent record) that act through the form's submit rules.  The Add Action form can appear on the detail view of the parent record.  It can have additional fields that show or hide depending on the nature of the action.  And by adding an Action record, you have the history of who performed each action and when.