Adding Action option of HTTP POST

.Knack is meant to cater for the low/no coders it would be great if there was an addtion option of Posting to a Webhook here, even if it was just the recordid


While I am aware of workarounds (mailhooks or javascripts) it would be ideal to have this as core functionality


Agreed, being able to send a webhook would be very welcome and save other workarounds - @Kara :pray:

They talked about this at KnackCon in 2019, but from what I understand that feature addition has been delayed indefinitely. We’ve gotten around it by sending “mailhooks” to Zapier.

One thing to add here is if using watch records in Integromat/make you are using unnecessary operations and also having to add filters and inside Knack having to add extra fields all to cater for the absence of this.
Yes there are mailhooks and JS options or even partly the new watch forms (not great for row based actions) however there is still a need for workarounds for what would be a greatly appreciated addition to knack


Hey Carl, shall we add a new keyword to the KTL ?!

_whk=webHookParam1, webHookParam2, ...

You’d add this in a Submit form and that’s it, the rest is done automatically.

I just need to know a bit more about the parameters and any possible options.

Let me know if it sounds interesting. I can code that in a couple of hours. But I’ll need the help of someone to test it.


That may be okay for forms, what about Action Buttons within Rows of a Grid view?

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Not a problem. Easy.

This is a great idea because it would allow using the record ID of the row on which you clicked.

But this would not use a typical Knack Action link. I need to create a custom button dynamically.

We just need to clarify how to define the position: nth (index of the column), last, first, after HeaderX. Maybe the icon.

_whk=[whkParam1, whkParam1], [ktlBtnIcon,fa fa-bolt], [ktlPos,after,Customer]

When used in a grid, would create a webhook with the lightning icon, placed after the Customer column.


There in lies another challenge then, In my use case anyway, there are Conditional rules on when action link appears and does not

Still doable. See the post I made yesterday about the _cfv and ktlRefVal option. It gives some ideas on how to do this with a referenced value.