Provide public documentation and access to /hooks API (webhooks)

Currently, only Zapier and Integromat have access to documentation/instructions on how to utilize the /hooks API to set up webhooks sent on record creation/update/delete. It would be very beneficial for developers such as myself to gain access to documentation on how to use this API, so that we may use it to receive these same webhooks in our own applications. It would be particularly useful for real time applications that require server-side code to run immediately upon actions performed to records.

Access to all/most webhooks is an increasingly popular demand.

Strange and highly disappointing that even after so many years, Knack doesn't allow its customers to avail this feature, especially when it already exists internally, in some form!

Update: Based on my own testing, the "[User Role] is Created" webhooks only fire when the User Role is created as a primary form action, like the Sign Up page. If it's a secondary action, triggered by the "Record Rules", it doesn't fire (and if it does fire, it seems to be missing the payload, so you can't really do anything with it).

You're better off using the "[User Role] is Updated" webhook, and filtering accordingly.

Yes, I agree. In fact, that's a security concern I hadn't even considered previously. Having rogue webhooks that you have no control over.

Weird coincidence. I was just building in Integromat, set up a webhook, couldn't determine how to figure out if it was setup correctly, and landed here on a Google search.

Clearly there's a documentation gap around Knack webhooks. Even just being able to see (and thus stop) the webhooks on my account would be great.