Integromat- Get a Record

When I first started to use Integromat and the Knack webhook for a new event, I couldn’t work out why the record I added wasn’t pulling through to Integromat :man_shrugging:
It took some tutoring from my friend and college @JulianKirkness to enlighten me about the “Get a Record” module.
Until that point, I had no idea that each Knack record contained a unique 24 digit record ID that was not visible in the builder.
This point came up again last week during a Slack conversation with @Steve from Knack

To help those getting started on their journey with Integromat, I have created a 5 min walkthrough video. I hope this helps you get past this fundamental first step. :pray:
For the more experienced guys and girls, you can simply smile and move along :blush::white_check_mark:

Get a Record - Integromat

Also checkout @JulianKirkness posts for further Knack / Integromat scenarios. :rocket:


This is a great tip and something I also didn’t understand how to do for way too long. Once you get the hang of Integromat, working with the UUID’s makes life so much better. The UUID’s are also exposed when you connect in Power Query, so it’s easy to build your data model and not have to delegate the computational time to Knack.

From what I have read and understood, Integromat and Zapier are actually the only ways for us to generate webhooks in Knack (maybe due to security concerns), which is fine with me because I am addicted to how easy Integromat makes building out even custom API calls. It is soooooo much better than setting up triggers to check for new records on an interval, especially when you have many scenarios running constantly, because that tends to cause race condition and timeout problems.

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