Allow external webhooks to be called from tasks

For me Knack often lacks the ability to communicate with outside apps on an automated basis. You can integrate Knack with Zapier but the triggers only work if the actions happen at the app level. If you set up daily tasks and want to automatically communicate with the outside world from knack it is not possible but only with email parsers (because email is the only available way out).

I would love it, if you could actually call an external url from tasks and put whatever field you want in the payload.

Would also be useful from form rules etc...

I'm attempting to do some logic and integration with Integromat - if this were able to be triggered instantly with a webhook that would be a HUGE improvement!!

Webhooks is my number one missing feature. It would solve so many use cases for me. Now sure we can hack something together using javascript and form events, but a proper webhook system would make Knack so much more useful.

trying to do something similar....would be immensely helpful