Run tasks from the user interface

I would like to be able to run a task on a record or on an object from the user interface. It could just look like a button on the interface, and when you press it it will say task executed.

+1 We really need this!

Hi Brandon, any news on this feature yet? 

I agree this is a major limitation - as is the fact that they only run daily weekly or monthly...

Have you considered the alternative of running some of these processes externally with Zapier or Integromat - the latter is much more powerful?

Integromat can do everything you could do in a task and will run up to every minute while Zapier Zaps are triggered instantly (but can't Update Knack records - only add them). I've even set up one process where a Zap is triggered instantly by Knack and then Zapier triggers Integromat instantly with a web hook - it works flawlessly!

Particularly with Integromat, you can perform pretty sophisticated logic including looping, branching, conditional logic etc. You can also create, update and delete Knack records - so you could use it to tidy up orphaned records in your database.

You can find out more about Integromat here - it works really well with Knack!

I agree that this functionality to run tasks from the user interface would be very useful. James

The fact that tasks can only be manually run from the builder interface is a significant limitation, particularly for those with the Basic Plan where only two builders are permitted. But even on other pricing plans, you shouldn't have to grant a user access to the builder to run a task. And while scheduling addresses some situations, it doesn't address them all. E.g., imagine a task that generates a new price list based on current costs and desired margins. This is a task that it only run sporadically and shouldn't require a builder's involvement every time it needs to be run.

My suggestion for the team is that they make it possible to attach tasks to form Menu Buttons. 

Yes, I'd like to see this

Really great Idea, I could use this in several places.

Interesting idea.

What if you had it check the trigger every 10 minutes, and after the task ran it could turn the trigger off? 

Work Around..? 
Create a Schedule Task to Run daily at 9:00am if "Field 1" = "Yes"

"Field 1" = "no" as default

...every evening at 11:59pm, another schedule task rests Field1=no 

Create a Form

On form submit, Field1=yes 

*this is a pretty horrible work around since your task will not run instantly, nor will it run multiple times if that's what you need; but this problem made me try to think of a workaround

this would add more flexibility to knack limitatilns


This would be useful for my particular use case, too.

This functionality is critical for developing a SaaS in Knack.


DO IT. This would change everything for us. SO NEEDED.

This would solve a host of issues for me! Please make this available!