Make / Knack webhook

It was brought to my attention today, by my good friend and fellow builder @andyoneil, that Make have updated the “Event” options on the Knack webhook module.
You can now setup a webhook when a form is submitted, as well as when a record is added or updated. This means that you don’t now have to use work arounds, such as a mailhook or JavaScript webhook (unless you want a response)

I often use “edit” forms that are empty and send an email to Make to trigger a scenario. This requires additional steps of having to create an email action on form submit and then using a substring text function in Make to extract the 24 digit record ID.
Now, you simply select the form that is being submitted and boom :boom:
This will “Make” things just that little bit easier… (see what I did there :laughing:)


Love this! I have STILL not managed to play around with Make but it definitely looks like it is a game changer!

Carl, a video might help explain what you are doing?

Carl: I’m not seeing this yet on my Make. When I go in to Create a webhook, I get a data structure option to add.

First of all, choose the New Event (Instant, acid) from the knack app

Secondly, click on “Add” at the right hand side

Thirdly, connect your knack app through the Connection option.
Choose the ‘Form submitted option’ under Event and then choose the particular form.

I hope this helps


I found it. :slight_smile:

It’s when you create a New Event using the Knack Module. Adding a new webhook, you can then choose the event. :slight_smile:

Thank you and Thank you Make!

Thanks for jumping in on this one @Godfred :+1:
I’ve been tied up building a client app today and only just seen the question from @Nick


You welcome

Awesome, thanks for notifying the community @CarlHolmes !

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FYI here is a quick overview of the new Make Form Trigger that allows you create an event when a Knack form is submitted. Thanks to our partner Andy at Weblytica for assisting with this video. Watch Now: New Knack Form Trigger in Make - YouTube


Yep, form triggers are so helpful. Particularly with the limitation on triggers (triggers don’t work with Knack records created via form record rules, and records created via “insert connected record” on an action link).
Its my new go-to way to trigger Make.