Add a button with field values in the URL

I want to add a button to my app that embeds a bunch of field values from a record in the URL. This will be passed onto a third party site that uses an API to launch another application with the field data. Is this possible, or is there another approach that would be better?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @RyanL

I think this is a really cool Idea so put this on my app if you wanted to take a look.

Bought this, could be useful. What I am also looking for is I have a link field but I also want an action triggered when the link is clicked. Any ideas?
Webhooks button per row of table would be ideal, I could then use integromat to create a redirect and perform the action instead of knack performing the action

@Amaan Thanks for purchasing this. You can do so much with this and yes you can look at extending this to when a link is clicked. Happy to look into this for for you if you want to contact me.

Yes I’ve done this with tables a checkbox per row and then a button appears based on if you have any records selected. Once you then click the button we can then use the custom type webhook posted on apknowledged to send a array of Id’s for each record then we can do what we want with each record.

Thanks will definitely contact you in the future, I have benefitted from your post here. I managed to sort this challenge by using the text formula field to trigger the webhook, the challenge was I had to created the record ID as field then populate that.
Given my records for this object are all created via API it was easy enough to add an update request after the create request