How do I add link buttons?

I figured out how to add link buttons on a calendar view, but I can't see to do it on a contact list view. Please see attached photos.


Hi Travis,

It can be done without code but it depends what you want to link.

If you want to add link buttons to pages then you have to insert a menu view in your page.

If you want to add a button for links to show more details , knack creates by default a text link. you can configure your link to use a specific text or use a field. If you set an image field in your record you can then tell your interface to display the image and use it as the link.

After it is just a matter of defining the right image which will look like a button.

Please note the image will not behave as an actual button on hover or click but it will link to the desired page.

Thanks Raju,

But if it can be added within the builder of Knack then I don't want to mess with it. Not expierenced with any code.

Anybody from Knack want to weigh in?

something like code below

// change view_1 to the view you want to listen to

$(document).on('knack-record-create.view_1', function(event, view, record) {

$("#"+view.key+" YourButtonName").after($('<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="small kn-button gray" valign="middle">Submit</a>').on("click",function(){var ctl=$("#"+view.key+" YourButtonName");}));



You can use jquery to customize UI as you need. I usually hide that submit button and create an anchor tag in renderview event listener and add event listener to newly created anchor tag to trigger submit button.

You can find more on below link.