Add external link to page menu

I’ve found a way of adding external links to the main header and thought I’d share

  1. Add a new page to your Knack app and on the page settings change the name to the following:

<a href="[PUT YOUR LINK HERE]" target="_blank"> TEXT HERE </a>

So for example, my link is to the Productive website and the link text is “Support”

  1. This will link to an external page but leaves a residue block with the link to the Knack page intact. As below:

To hide this extra block just add the following CSS to make the extra box invisible:

    padding: 0px !important;

where you’ll need to add the href of the knack page. e.g. my page is called Support and so the href is “#support”. If you’re unsure of the href value you can also open the live app, right-click, choose “Inspect” and find the href of the element in the HTML.


Nice @Harry, thanks for sharing, a useful tip :+1: