Add table lines just pressing an "add line" button

It would be really nice to have the chance of instead of launching a form to add a line in a table so the user can add lines to a table, for example in an orders app, invoices app, ... just clicking on a button.

Of course it´s necessary to also the table lines to be editable but not as the way it works now but as a normal table that you can have in an Excel spreadsheet for example.

Check out this fiddle, it will be really nice to work in an this way:

What do you think?

The challenge with comprehensive inline editing like that has always been the complex fields (like names, address, file uploads, etc.). There's not always the real estate to easily represent those in a tiny table cell. It is something we're thinking about more and we would certainly like to see this achieved in a highly useable form one day.

This feature suggestion definitely makes sense and we have it recorded.

In the meantime, you could set this up by creating an add form, then removing all the input fields and then finally setting at least one value in the record rules when the form submits.

Yes, I like the lines in the table to be optional!

Much like table inline-editing, this feature would allow an empty row at the bottom of the table for easy inserts.

This would be ohh so sweet!

Would be helpful and make the app look better too.

Excellent idea.

Would save a lot of time

like it

I would like this feature as well. It would also be useful to be able to position the new line either on top or below the rest of the table.

Wow, this would be VERY helpful!

It would be nice.  But adding a record "in line" should ideally have the same features of a form: record rules, filtered multi-select lists, and so on.  Lack of these features is currently a drawback of inline editing.

This new feature would be really helpful for my app users. Is there any update on getting this feature?



Any update about this?

BIG functionality increase for previously mentioned issues regarding ZAPIER integration for updated records via inline editing!

that is the nerdiest thing I will ever say 

Omar ~ can you share how you are using Zapier to allow for adding an empty row at the bottom of the table for data entry?  This is a standard feature of most database systems and would a huge problem solver for me.

If you were able to setup a trigger to automatically delete records, then you could make use of a temp table and setup rules to add an empty record, then delete the data in the temp table when finished or at the end of the day.


This feature would save our operators in the field a lot of time since they need to fill in lots of data.

This would be amazing to have, why was this never pursued?