Inline edit without pop-up & submit

Hi all,

I realize this one might be a bit of a stretch - but I was wondering if anyone knew of some code / a way that might allow you to arrow / tab through a table in a fashion more similar to Excel to make inline edits. That is - without needing to click the cell, the input box, and click 'submit". 

One of the way I'm using knack requires lots of little edits across a number of records and this would cut down on the time substantially.

Thanks as always!




Hello Jake,


No it's time consuming so David not required that .



Sunny Singla


Hi 15024358068 or 8881418848, was any progress ever made with this? We are looking for the same type of solution!

Hi Sunny,
I need the solution you said, how can I contact you?
You are from the builders of knack?


Hello Adam,


Yes it's possible using some javascript functionality. If you want this then i will add this functionality into your application.

also for some field having fix values then we can make some drag and drop functionality to make it more fast .



Sunny Singla