Inline table edit without struggle

Hey Guys,

Inline edit in tables are a very good function, but the need submission process is too slow for fast edits. I know we need the popup to come up and then click um submit button, but it just take too much time to complete the submission process for many fast edits. I was wondering if there is a custom code that let this process be faster and while an edit is being saved, the user can move to another field and start editing it and so on.

Anyone found a solution for that and can share it?


Strictly speaking there’s no reason for a popup other than that’s the way they built it for some programming convenience. There are tools out there in the wild where the row (optionally) behaves similar to a spreadsheet and there’s no lag time in submitting.

Thanks Peter! Do you know the name of any tool that allow that? Tks!

I agree with @PeterJurgen, it is just weak programming that nobody has bothered to go back and improve. That being said, because they also don’t have a function to filter a selection in a field based on a previous field selection when inline editing, I often have to create a new popup form anyway to have both fields on the form. Very slow and redundant.