Knack inline edit textfield

Is there a way to override via Knack's JS the behavior of the inline editor? Currently it's a popup, I want it to display a textfield in the cell instead.

I can't currently find a way to override the click event of an inline editable cell. If that were possible, i could

1. Instead of displaying the popup, i'll skip that and create a textfield element and add it to the current <td> that the user clicked

2. When it loses focus, or when the user press the enter key, it will automatically save, removing the textfield, since i have access to the db field that the user clicked and the row id associated with that field, i can call the knac object api to save the value in the textfield and refresh the view via Knack.views.{view_id}.model.fetch() call.

Thanks and keep on knacking :)

Care to share? Sounds interesting!

so here's how i did it.

$(document).on('knack-view-render.view_xxxx', function(event, view, data) {

$(".cell-edit").on('click', function(e){

//this blocks the inline edit click event



//it will execute the code here instead. get creative.



nvm, i figured out how to override the inline click event.

Hi Kim,

I’ve been playing around with this, but I can not make it work. Do you mind sharing one of your complete examples with me?