Table Inputs for Bulk Upload

Sometimes my staff need to bulk upload information and using conventional forms is only so useful in this circumstance as it means they have to constantly click submit and reload form. It would be useful if there was a variation on forms that allowed entering through a table/spreadsheet style view.

A specific example of this is when we upload visitor feedback forms from events we specifically collect post code data. It'd be much easier for our staff to be able to type the quantity hit tab, type the post code, then hit enter to start a new line, repeat until done the hit submit.

Having to click submit and reload with the loading times that involves for every entry is a serious bottleneck. The other option obviously would be to get them to fill out a spreadsheet and upload that by CSV but that creates a messy workflow that runs counter to my goal of getting them to live in the database, would require them to have access to the builder or get me to do it and potentially provides other kinds of bottlenecks.

I can see how this could be useful in a few other circumstances as well.

For instance if your adding an organisation with multiple contacts on a connected table you could set-up a normal style form for the company information and then a table of contacts as self contained connected form with potentially it's own submit rules.

I hereby place 100x Internets & Cookies on this noble cause. Just imagine: tabular input

One can have dreams hey?

I wish this feature gets added soon.

I second this. Would be great to automatically upload multiple records in one hit at an interface level. I believe Airtable has just introduced this in their beta.