Default submit rule disappeared!

have a live app -- has a login form -->childpage1-->childpage2

where  childpage2 is a submission confirmation page.

Suddenly, upon submission of childpage 1, nobody is being redirected to the confirmation page shildpage2.  i went into the childpage1 design and into the "form rules/submit rules"  of the form section on the page, and it only offers me to create a new rule (i.e. no default rule which used to redirect to the confirmation page), and when i select redirect to existing page," that new rule doesn't show the childpage1>childpage2 page option!  the disturbing part is that the default rule is nowhere to be found.


anyone seen this/  know how to resolve it?  please help!

Hi Amit,

When you go into the FORM RULES tab and SUBMIT RULES do you not have the box that says the following:

Add rules for where to direct the user after the form is submitted.

Action: [Show a confirmation message]
            [Redirect to an existing page]
            [Redirect to another website]
            [Redirect to a new child page]

if you are using the new builder, maybe try going back to the original builder by toggling the the first page of your app login screen. I still find the old builder easier if you are doing more than the basics.