Page Form Options: Redirect to the previous page

Options exist for redirect to another Level 1 page or website URL upon form submission.

It would be great if we could also have “redirect to the previous page”. This would be very handy in an “add record form” so that it returns to the previous page with contains the table records. Currently the user needs to submit the form and then click on the Back to “page name for table list” which is a little clunky when doing a repetitive task.

have a look at my page here:

When I update the Professional Skills Test data, I just want the page to refresh with the updated data and not navigate away

I really need the feature of staying on the same page and just refreshing the data and not redirecting away. Can that be added easily?

Brandon - That is awesome! Thanks so much.

We included a "Redirect to the parent page" option in our recent round of form rules upgrades:

I would like this feature as well.

This is in the works and will be wrapped with some further improvements on form submission handling that's going to enable some cool stuff.

I would really like this feature as well, my users find it really confusing, especially if there are Read only Views on the edit page