Add previous and next page buttons

As a Live App user who is viewing a Table view with many records, I would like to be able to move to the next table using previous/next buttons at the bottom of the table.

We’ve added the ability to display pagination controls (“record count per page” and “page X of Y”) can now be displayed at the bottoms of Table, List, Search and Report child table views. Under the Options section of each of these views, check “Show pagination controls at bottom of view” and your users will now be able to use these pagination controls at the bottom of these views, as well as the top!

I would like to see this feature please...Thanks!

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Linda, did you ever find a way to clone the nav buttons to the bottom of the page?

I would love to have you revisit this request - I just had another client request this same feature again Thanks

It's not on the top of our list. There just hasn't been that much demand relative to some other things and unfortunately it's not something that would be a super simple implementation. We don't plan more than a few months ahead though, so that could certainly change!

Can we have an update on this Knack Team? Is there any plan on implementing this any time soon? (this yr?)

Also on list views! Thanks!

YES!!! PLEASE DO THIS! It gets confusing when you scroll to the bottom of a table and there is no way to go to the next page. Users often think the data is missing. One of my #1 end user calls has to do with this! Please please please add this feature!

Seconded! This would be very useful indeed.

Add me to too - would really like this addition!

I fully agree with this request. Unless there is already a way to do this, users are forced to go back to the overview table to move to the next detail record. It would be much easier to click "Next".