Find and replace feature

Would be fantastic if we could get a find and replace feature in the Records view, just so we can quickly edit multiple entries in an efficient manner

I agree it would be nicer to do this natively, but what I end up doing is adding an autoincrement field to each table, then exporting the data, doing my find and replace in Excel, and then reimporting. There are so many obvious things in Knack like this that simply haven't been implemented yet. At least this one can be worked around - a lot of the others I've had to come up with convoluted solutions to get around.

Yes this is probably one of the biggest shortcomings in Knack. The massive edition of records is really limiting (compared to Caspio where you can literally edit them in any way you want or even use a Microsoft Plugin to edit them with Excel).

The only way to do a find and replace kind of thing, is to create a task and run a find a replace record action.