Add "delete each record" as an option in tasks

I have a number of records that become irrelevant after a certain point in our process. It would be nice to be able to auto-delete these records through as a scheduled task.

I already left Knack an year ago. They don't seems to be interested in some of the basic fundamental requests of users. I found a better on line data base comparatively cheaper than Knack and way better features.

Im giving up on knack, after years of support I feel if an absolute fundamental database function can't be implemented then its not quite ready. at this point its easier to contract a freelance developer and go from there. I might return to knack in the future but at the moment its more frustrating than its worth.

Why is this basic function wanted by so many not implemented?  It has been requested for YEARS. We know the risks associated with scheduling a task to delete records and are willing to take that on.   Put some scary prompts in the way, put an extra charge for recovery of data deleted by scheduled tasks or whatever, but please give us the ability to set task for records to be deleted 

As it is right now I have to bill a customer for the time I have to spend going in each month and deleting 2-5k records.  It's not fast when I need to wait for the re-indexing and only do 1k at a time. These records are obsolete AND unnecessarily putting the customer closer to having no choice to buy additional records.  That's not fair to the customer.

PLEASE KNACK TEAM! Implement it, in your next builder launch!!

If somebody wants to start a petition for this issue. Maybe Knack pay attention to this request

Please make this happen Knack!

Our booking system allows us to make provisional course bookings for existing customers. These bookings are confirmed once paid for, but once the course booking deadline has passed these records are no longer needed. We currently have to spend time (and remember) to delete these manually to ensure that the number of available places on a course are correct to allow new customers to book those places that are no longer reserved for existing customers

I need this for my customer.  As it is right now, I too like many here have records that become obsolete and I need a task to delete them instead of having to rely on me to do it.

Please implement soon.

I totally agree with this. I asked couple of changes which they totally ignored. So we moved our some time sensitive and  important applications to other platforms, but kept others in Knack.  There are several features they could add to this platform which will not hurt this performance or their revenue, but some how they are reluctant to listen to their user community. We started with Knack an year ago, there was some bugs and breakdowns which they fixed rather fast.  In that way I have no complain. 


No word, but this is far from the only "obvious" functionality omission that has been ignored for years (well, at least the 2+ years we've been using Knack).  I've given up even hoping for solutions to things like this and we usually end up hack something ourselves using the API.  We're not implementing any new client applications in Knack, but hacks like this have kept the existing sites up and running for now until Knack either gets their act together or we need to make enough changes that it's worth moving wholesale to the competing platform.

I will, say, though, that performance and reliability has gotten a lot better over the last couple of years.  They still have buggy releases that randomly break things with no warning, but it's far less often, and the occurrence of outages or "performance is so slow is might as well be an outage" has dramatically decreased over that time (we've gone from something like several times a week to about once a month).

Ultimately, Knack still feels like a platform run by developers as opposed to operations people, but slowly but surely they're developing the discipline needed to run a solid platform.  In my mind, it's more of a question of whether or not they can do it before the recent influx of competitors in this space overtakes them.


It is perplexing why they don't have cascading deletion of parents records as an option nor do they have a task to clean up the resulting orphaned children.

Anyone hear from Knack regarding their stance on this issue?

I totally agree to have this feature. It will help a lot when the records are obsolete. Otherwise we have to spend countless hours to manage the application within the 1.5 million records level.

I am not sure why the development team is not even considering after so many people requested it.


I agree. This feature would be very useful to delete large numbers of "obsolete" records overnight.

Agree, we really need this.


Agree.  Would be very useful...

Thank you for adding this functionality 

Yes please. My database is likely to grow large quite quickly, yet most of the records become obsolete almost as fast. Being able to batch delete obsolete records as part of a task would be a game-changer for me.

Yes please - would be great...

I was baffled when I saw I can not delete records via tasks o_O. Please implement.