Copy Tasks

Often times I have a task that needs to be run, and then I need to add another very similar task to run. Rather than starting from scratch, it would great to have a "Make a Copy of this Task" button and then just be able to edit the copy.

Has there been any update to the copy connected records issue?  It seems that would be a major functionality upgrade applying to everything from Tasks to Purchase Order functionality.   

In my case, I want to run 3 different tasks every 8 hours at shift change.  With Knack only offering a minimum Daily choice, I need to create 3 Daily jobs for each of the 3 tasks.  Copying would be a big plus, OR, offering an hourly scheduler for multiple task sessions per day would be the much elegant solution.

I would love to be able to do this as well as be able to copy record rules, I have some with many fields and it can get tedious. I wonder if there is any movement on this?

Same here ... I found away around but doesn't copy connected records which make it useless ..