App not copying data, Tasks not copying data, Support page not accessible

Is anyone else experiencing this?

1 . From the dashboard, when I copy an app, it says it has copied, but no data/records are copied (confirming when I open the newly copied app there is no data).

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 11.54.48 am


  • This is not isolated to one app, none of my apps, when copied, have any data in the copy.
  • I have spare apps (7 of 8 apps used) and spare records (only use 16,589 of 50,000 available records )

2 . Tasks are not running, or should I say, they say that they have run, but they dont update anything. So to test I go in and run a task manually, in this case it (correctly) says 6 records updated, but the records are not actually updated?

This is an issue for even the most basic tasks, here is another task, says 41 records processed, but the records were not actually updated.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 12.33.49 pm

3 . says no active events, but the support page, is unreachable.

I am in Australia. Could someone else try the same to see if it’s just me?


(Have also emailed support)

Yep @Calvin_B I can’t access either mate (in Oz too).
For what it’s worth the in app builder chat seems up and going although doesn’t address your immediate issue given our usual timezone challenges.

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Thanks @BradStevens – yep my biggest issue now is copying an app is not copying data and no tasks are running. This is not just one app, multiple. Weird.

Just closing this out:

1. Re copying apps did not copy any data.
Seemingly fixed now. Support acknowledged the issue and were seeing it too and they passed onto Tech Support team. I have not heard back, but a copy I just made copied the records this time, so I assume they have fixed it.

2. Tasks saying completed and x records processed, but no records were being updated.
This seemed to be just a long delay in running (over an hour)? Anyway this seems to be resolved now. For example when testing I ran a test task, it said 41 records processed but there weren’t. I ran it an hour later, and again, 41 records processed, but they weren’t. Then, sometime after that (at least 30 minutes) the records were updated, confirmed when the task ran for a 3rd time, no records to process.

I don’t understand but its working now and thats the main thing.

3. is working but the link on the page to support is not shows that the support page is which was not working, but support has told me the support page is actually
I was not aware of that, but am now.

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Hey @Calvin_B
Thanks for pointing this error on the status page out - I have asked our Web Dev team to make the change on the status page so it will take you to the correct page in future!

I am glad to see that your app copy is working correctly now for you. If you ever have any problems, you are welcome to pop an email to and it will come right into our inboxes.

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