Add additional options to the Copy App feature

It would be a game changer for me, if when copying an app, I had additional options such as these:

- Copy Records (only the most recent 50 from each object)

- Copy Tasks (disable them upon copy)

Both of these would allow me to copy apps faster, yet have them ready for experimenting. I often don't want to test new ideas on my existing app for obvious reasons, but I always need to plan a few hours in advance to be able to test ideas, because copying my app with 50,000 records can sometimes take a few hours to complete. Copying WITHOUT records renders my app useless for testing. It needs a few records for things to work as well as certain rules to retain their functionality.

Yes definitely important to be able to copy tasks, but disable them on copy. I just had an issue where a copy of an app was sending out e-mails from a task and it took us a while to figure out where they were coming from.

I would love to have the ability to copy an app with only the last 50 or 100 records in each object. As far as tasks go, I would love to have all tasks identified in one place so they are easier to find after copy.

A small update, and I know this doesn’t solve both requests on the topic, but we did release an update to the copy app workflow, so that tasks can be paused while doing so.

We think this will be helpful if you are creating a backup of an app, or are experimenting with a different version of an app but do not want your tasks live. You can open each task individually to update their status later should you choose to make that app “live”.

See more at Managing Your Apps - Knack Knowledge Base


@Jessie - It would still be good to have additional options when copying apps. In addition to the request to copy a portion of each object (e.g. 50 or 100 records), it would also be really helpful to be able to select which objects to include records for, and which to copy empty.

I have an app with hundreds of thousands of transactional records that I don’t need to Dev copies I make from the app, but a number of objects with core records needed for app operation. Each time I have to copy the entire app and then wait a long time to delete the unwanted records.