Builder Records Search Improvement

I have noticed that when I search something in the records in the Knack Builder, I am unable to then immediately search something else.

For example, let’s say I search for “Jane Doe” in the Users record table. If I try to then search for “John Doe,” the search just returns to the full Users records table with the search bar empty and I have to enter in “John Doe” again to actually get the results.

It would be nice if we were able to search multiple things in succession instead of having to return to the full records table between every search. Not a super important issue, but would definitely save me some time when I’m going through and updating a number of records manually! :slight_smile:

I’m aware of this issue and also find it inconvenient. A workaround I use, when I know I’m going to be doing multiple consecutive searches, is to add a filter. You can then edit the filter without it resetting the table each time.
I agree that it would be great if the keyword search didn’t reset.

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In the old framework, it works fine. Look like there is some issue with the new framework.

Maybe knack will solve this.

Sunny Singla

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Yes, the 2nd time, it seems to have to reset itself, and then you can search again - quite time consuming and often click in the wrong order:)

Agreed, this needs attention by Knack please.

I found that clicking the search icon as opposed to using the return key allows for repetitive searching as expected. But this is more mouse work and something I forget often leaving me with the same issues discussed above. Would be nice if the return key behaved the same way.

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