Easier Way to Exit a Search

After you use the table search box, you have to delete your text and click 'search' again to the exit the search. It would be nice (and more user-friendly) to have a exit/reset option instead.

Just want to note that this was the last Knack feature request completed. Over 2 years ago!!

We’ve now added the “reset” functionality to Table, List, Map, Search and Report child table views. Easily reset your current search and start again!


I agree, even hide the search box and show the text like the filters so you can press the cross to clear and show the search box again.



Just a quick update here to announce a minor update to the search view ux.

If you have the search setting option to “Show results to start” and then hit the reset button in the live app after searching records, then all records will show again.

Previously the reset button in the live app under these circumstances would reset to no records, which was not the initial state. Hope this helps anyone who was encumbered with that flow.