Connection with Microsoft Flow

Flow is a relatively new product from Microsoft on their Office 365 platform. Microsoft removed themselves from IFTTT. They are still on Zapier for some products, but Flow is there own version of integration software. It would be great if Knack would be a supported integration platform in Microsoft Flow. I'm not sure how you get on it, but it would be a great addition.

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Thanks Stephen! you just saved me!!

Sorry for the bump, I've just created a guide on utilising Knack in Power Automate (Flow), with the example of 'creating a folder in SharePoint when a Knack object record is created': 

Let me know if this is useful!

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Anyone connect their Knack DB to Flow or any other Office 365 app?  Specifically looking for an SSO option between Knack and O365.  


Thanks in advance. 

Agreed we use office 365 and connecting systems is really important. The more ways Knack can connect to our existing systems the more ways we can use it

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Agreed, we have started using flow for many integrations.  We already pay for it, as I assume many others do, so that's a bonus.