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It’s been a fantastic year and 2024 promises so many exciting innovations for Knack!
Expect new features and functionalities, as well as our ongoing work for faster operations.
We’ll kick the year off with a makeover for the builder, giving it a more modern and polished look. Check out the preview that @Ranasha created :heart_decoration: ! We’re targeting a release the second week of January, and I’ll keep you updated as we get closer to that time.

Cheers all!


Looks good!


Our latest update:
We are targeting this UI refresh to be deployed and available to all customers (with the exception of private environments) on Tuesday, January 9 :dizzy:


Update: We’re now planning the release for Wednesday, Jan 10!


The builder refresh is officially live! :boom: :dizzy:

is there anyway to get a dark mode option, i cant seem to find it in the new layout?

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@Chris8 hello! It will be some more time before we’ve got dark mode ready for the builder - super good to know that you’ll use it!

sorry i may have missed something, previously, the builder was available in dark mode (or it may have been black by default), is it not available at all on the new builder?

i was happily working away in the builder, and then when i uploaded some data it all went white. Thought i was dying for a moment…

@Chris8 no, but the Dashboard has dark mode. And sorry about the experience, we will see if we can make that better in the future!

Your all good, was just very confused for a moment.

Not sure if this is allowed, so please remove if not. If anyone else has the same experience, I have used this before for other websites:

In the settings you can turn it on for specific sites. I have added the builder to my list so I get a version of dark mode, until it’s natively available.

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A little detail I just see:

Please, subtitute “Change View Name” for an icon, as it was before. It increases the level of visible text for no reason at all. It creates confusion with useful data.

Another little detail for improvement:

Knack is all about ordering and linking data, so the structure of the data needs to be ultra clear.

Here are 2 examples to improve, and probably applicable in more areas:
The blank space between values/filters should be a little bigger than the space between the fields of a value/filter. If not, it creates a visual confusion of which ones are related to.

And actually I would suggest reducing a little the height of the fields (or maybe the size of the text). I believe the fields were shorter before. Take into consideration that we have to always go up and down the middle builder column to build, and bigger the fields and more we have to use the right bar to go up and down.

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Hi Michael

I completely agree with this we must have our builder ap 75% zoom to make everything fit better. That middle bar is quite tricky to see everything in it. Sometimes it’s hard to read the field values. If we could make that middle bar a lot bigger especially when we are working with record and display rules. It is very limiting with the size it currently is.


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So glad it resonates with you Craig! I was not sure if I was alone on that.

Yes, it is better than it was though. Baby Steps

Thanks for all of the feedback so far!!! :pray:

Hi @Kara - some feedback on potential improvements to how labels are shown.