My Knack Dark Theme - Complete implementation

It took some time to tweak everything, but I think I finally have a completely dark theme implementation on knack, at least for the components I use, which I think is almost all of them, I’ll leave some images here, dark themes are not for everyone, but they are catching up in popularity and I really love the way this one ended up looking.

If you need any help with the CSS for the dark implementation on a specific control or JS for highcharts drop me a note.

(right-click on images and open on new tab to view them bigger)


Dashboard 2


Details 2


Pivot Tables


Reports 1


Reports 2


Menus (tabs) + Table


More tables


Mobile Menu


Thanks, Bruno,

This looks fantastic, I love the blue theme to it very cool indeed! You inspired me to do the same with knackMods so many thanks.


Hi Tamer,

I don't know the visuals or structure of your project, I create mine from the beginning with some things already in mind to achieve the desired UI design that works with the color scheme I want, if you wish you can share your app with me and I take a look at it, I use CSS and JS, or drop me a msg at