BUG performance update - Tables not displaying


This is a critical bug we are facing.

Due to the recent performance update we have an application where tables that were visible before to the users are not able to be displayed anymore.

The fix we deployed was a patch at best, we copied the aforementioned tables that were functional before today and placed them in the same views.

Could we review this?
We have over 20 migrations pending the following days and can not operate if this issue persists.

Kind regards

Hello Pablo,

Please reach out to our support team at support@knack.com and we will be happy to help with this.

Thank you Sterling for your prompt response.

We sent an e-mail, I’ll follow up through there.

Kind regards


Could we get a response today about this?
There are still many migrations pending and this issue isn’t visible in the ‘known-issues’ section of the performance upgrade page.

Kind regards

Hi @Pablo - I had the exact same issue this morning, so I added a new table to the view and everything showed correctly.
I worked out that it was the custom filters on the table that I’d created a couple of years ago.
I had two custom filters on the table “Active” and “Archived”. The filter criteria is now case sensitive. For example the filter for “Active” is filtering against a field where the data is “Active” or “Inactive”, but I’d set the filter criteria to “active” so the table rendered blank.
This change to filtering was highlighted in the recent update.
If you have any custom filters, on your table, switch them off and see if that moves you forward.