New Platform

Is anyone else having problems after migrating to the “New Platform”. My Apps were moved about 2 weeks ago and it has been nothing but nightmares since then. So many bugs that I can’t begin to name all of them. The system is borderline unreliable. Any suggestions out there on what you are doing to deal with these bugs?

Hi Steven,

I would start by checking the Performance Upgrade page. This page lists the changes that were made and known issues.

Click on the Known Issues tab. If the issues you’re experiencing are known issues, then the best thing to do is wait for a fix (which I know can be challenging). If the issues you’re experiencing are not listed on that page, then you can report them to Knack.

Click on the Changes tab. There you can see exactly what was changed. Depending on your app’s functionality, you may need to make adjustments in the Builder and to your custom code to accommodate the new changes.

I hope you find this useful. For professional help, feel free to get in contact.

Knack Pros

Hi @Steven - I’d be interested to hear a few specific examples of the issues you have run into.
I started moving client apps to the performance environment in the spring and haven’t experienced any significant issues.
I did have to report a bug for a pivot table as the grouping by month wasn’t working. Also, the keyword search on a search component was not showing any results. However, these were both resolved within a few days.

Hey Steven - if you have not already, please reach out to and we can look into the issues you have identified.

The only issue I have found relates to derived fields such a Text Concatenations. (e.g FieldA+FieldB).
Unfortunately, it is a really big issue for us as we use this extensively for integration with other Apps such as Zendesk (via Zapier). We integrate using the Updated Record in Knack trigger.
After the performance upgrade, Zapier is reading the derived fields as blank. Consequently, almost all of our Zapier integrations are broken.
I’ve posted this in another thread as well. However, I thought it useful to include here as well for people looking for possible New Platform issues as it is still not recorded as a Known Issue in the register at Knack: Performance Upgrade

Since the ‘performance upgrade’ we are getting reports from clients and our internal users that records which we can see in an object, are not showing in the front end. Especially relating to repeat dates which dont show up.

The other issue we found is some rules that displays and hides certain records on a table is not working - we have tried both the ‘field’ is not ‘xxx’ and ‘field’ does not contain ‘xxx’ but neither work and the records display. This was not an issue before last weekend when our systems were ‘upgraded’.

Across our clients with have a few hundred thousand records and hundreds of users. Some applications are mission critical supporting people with disabilities. We are seeing new bugs almost daily.

And before anyone asks - yes we have put support requests in to be told these things are a known bug with no solution - despite them only starting after the performance upgrade. But I also cannot spend my entire day submitting support requests. Come on Knack - this is the worst upgrade you have ever done.

My clients and my internal users are being impacted by this.

I totally agree with you - we have identified 5 or 6 issues related to connection fields since the upgrade in August, but none of them is fixed so far and our users can’t do their work on our application (for nearly a month now).