Be able to use "First Name" for users

It would be great to be able to call only the First Name of a user, instead of their entire name, for sending automated emails, greetings on welcome pages, etc.

Hi, Brandon. Text formulas do indeed provide a tool with which to separate first and last names. One problem with them, however, is that if you add a text formula after your table has been populated, the new field comes up blank. To avoid this, you need to trigger a recalculation any time a user creates a text formula (or at least those based on a NAME field). For now, what I've been doing is a batch update of my table in order to manually trigger a recalculation.

We just upgraded our Text Combo field to Text Formula! It no includes functions for getting individual values from complex fields like name or address.

Hopefully if this functionality is added for the user name, it will also be available for the field "name" available for use in objects.