Allow 'insertion of FIELDS' into RICH TEXT area

This is not a super urgent request, but I do think it will help Knack enter the market and compete with all the 'easy form builders' like WuFoo and TypeForm.

Currently, If I want to use the user's name in a multi-step form/application, I have to create a separate Text-Formula field, just to use the person's name in a sentence.

I feel very handicapped that I cannot easily insert FORM fields into the Rich Text area.

Of course, the workaround is easy, but I feel like creating a separate field is very inefficient.


"Hi {FIRST NAME}, thanks for starting the application process. I see that you are {AGE}! Holy Bananas, that's old!"

^Unless I'm mistaken, if I want that to happen, the only way to do it is with a Text Formula.

I happened to contact Knack Support because of an issue I was having  with the Text Equation fields (it was adding a bunch of extra breaks and I have no clue why). They said they're going to look at it, but said, 'have you tried adding the custom CSS for the text formula field directly to your Knack app page instead of including it in the text formula field? That would be the best practice here. You can do so by clicking on the API & Code option in from the Builder Settings dropdown.

I haven't had a chance to try it yet (will be doing it tonight), but saw your post earlier and wanted to share. Hope this helps!

I agree.  Further I'd say I've been tearing my hair out trying to find a way around it.  You may say 'the workaround is easy' but that's only once you've figured it out.  I really like Knack because of what it can do - but let's make the tagline:

"Knack makes it easy: simple to use, powerful features, and outstanding support" even truer than it is now.