Merge tags in Rich Text View

I would like to use a merge tag for a user's first/last name in the rich text view on an interface page, essentially a "Welcome, USER! Thanks for stopping by!" Knack support says I would need to insert custom jquery for that.

Does anyone know how to do that? Or where I would start?

I need this too, it would greatly simplify the creation of printable documents.

Hello everybody,

Did anyone find solution in reference to the above topic, I really need a way to display customer data in rich text view?

I agree that this would be a great feature.

I need this desperately .Has anybody found a work around for the topic above?

I need this in my life!  I would like to supplement a combination of table, list, and report views with blocks of richtext loaded with merge tags that pull data from elsewhere in the app.  Then add CSS to this page to make it printable.  Richtext with merge tags would be magnificent.

Exactly what I would love to see!

I second this it would be great to do this