Has anyone been able to convert knack native fields with bootstrap like graphics ie turning multiple choice fields into sliders?

I know Knack has said this is on the way, but that thread's been up for over two years. Has anyone hacked it? Help a guy out.

Hi Justin,

thanks for your reply.

Understood, and your method makes sense.... but I have 20 sets of 4x4 matrix likerts - so it will be a bit of a handful :-)

My own partial solution yesterday looked like this:

I've got a user table and use JS to surface the record ID, This ID is then concatonated into a form URL - to initialise a Formstack form via a text formula field that embeds their record ID as hidden data on the form, and carries it over to formstack. On completion of the questionnaire, The Formstack is then saved and triggers a webhook carrying the user Record ID as a hidden field, Zapier actions then add the record to a Question table in Knack relating it to the user via the ID, - works instantly and perfectly, except for the format of the 'Matrix' field type data packet, in Formstack comes in as a text area field . Now faced with processing a text area to score the form, using wither form rules or field level logic. agh. If you (or anyone else) knows of anyone that can parse a text area line byline into fields - please let me know? EG: Line one of text area is placed in field 1, line two in field two etc etc. I'd be happy to pay for this in advance of work being done if I can solve this....

This is a planned feature from Knack. I'd guess we'd see it released some time in 2019 or 2020.


In the meantime the only way I've found is to create your own fields from scratch with html, you can then use css and js to style and animate and api calls to grab the data. Only really practical on one offs.

If anyone has found a solution that is broader or easier please post here.

I need this too. agh.

If anyonne has done this - I'm happy to pay for a solution.