Intergration with Knack and formstack

Hi, I am trying to transfer files from Formstack to Knack

My options are:

using the delivery in formstack but I am un able to get this to work and apparently the knack delivery in formstack is not supported by knack so I am not getting any help from knack on this…

Using Make to transfer the files, I have tried to set this up but not been able to get this working and the support from make is rubbish

Has anyone come accross this and have a solution, I would be delighted to hear from you



I use formstack to create files and inject them into knack objects daily. It definitely works. What is your specific issue? I can try to help.

Hello, Thank you for reaching out…

My preferance is to use the Formstack delivery to transfer the file back to knack, this appears to deliver correctly from formstack however the document is not being recieved to knack. I belive it is a small error in my Java script.

How are you transfering the documents back to knack, are you using the formstack delivery?

Yes I’m using the formstack delivery method to send it back to Knack. Make sure when you are passing the data initially from Knack to formstack that you are including the record ID. See attached example.


Thank you for this, this is bringing me closer to my problem, but I am not a computer person so I need a bit more information but I think I am close…

-where is the {$record_id} mapped to in formstack, I thought this was in the Java script as a get expression…
-In my example I am trying to map to the auto increment number field_596 which is output as {$auto} in formstack, your example looks like it is mapped to a date field?

I have screen shots of my Java script and the formstack delivery settings, can you see what I am doing wrong?



I think the message I send yesterday is a bit confusing, I thought that the “Update record Fields” was a requirment, but I have looked again and I presum this is just updating a date field on the reocrd when the file is transfered.

I have changed the knack record ID to {$record_id} but I am not sure how this is linked to formstack, there is a get expression (row 202) in the Java sctript noted in the knack setup instructions but I am not sure how this is used to map to the information sending to formstack, in my example below the field mapped to the reocord_id (row 214) is mapped to the auto increment number on the record, I think this is my error this should be outputting the record ID that has been “got” in the get expression (row 202).

It would be really helpful to see your java script and then I would be able to figure it out from there…

Thank you Andy


You are correct in changing the the record_id to match mine. That’s how Formstack knows which exact record in your Object to send the delivery to.

In your javascript, this is the line that is sending that record id to Formstack: var record_id =;

You can’t edit your Auto-increment ID field, which is what it appears your’re trying to do. What are you trying to accomplish with this delivery back to knack?

OK, on the basis that the var record_id =; sends that record ID to formstack, I have deleted this out of the merge data area in the java script, when I test this the delivery completely fails in formstack, maybe I have the var record_id =; in the wrong place??

Putting the update info to update the auto increment number was a mistake, to be honest I dont understand the logic behind the script, I just keeping on trying different things until it works!!

Im sorry I am just a bit thick with this sort of thing, if we could resolve this with a quick screen share, my company will compensate you for your time, I just want to get this sorted…


Hi, I have got this working now, thank you so much for your help


My pleasure. I am no guru or expert myself, just a user who sought help in these same forums as well. Formstack + knack have been great for my business!