Can I pull up a selection of columns?

can I pull up just , for example, “last name”, “first name” from my db?


Not sure what you mean by “pull up just”. :man_shrugging:
You can use a Text Formula to extract title, first, middle or last names from a name field.

Hi Carl, thanks for answering.
First question, sticking my toe in the water.
I’m used to being able to do something like
“Select first, last from customers where unique_id = ‘54739’;” that’s what I mean by pull up.
I’m the support guy for an app using knack; had no training in Knack.
Rather than “pull up” just what I need, my predecessors exported the whole thing in Excel and manipulated
there. I was hoping to be able to do something a little more elegant.

I will check out Text Formula Functions.

Thanks again,


You query looks like an SQL statement. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
My background is MS Access which operates in a very similar way to Knack.
In Access you have to create queries based on your tables and then show the results in forms or reports.
In Knack you simply build you tables directly in the live app and either filter the data at source or let the user manipulate with search options, such as Keyword Search or Filters.
If you require users to create their own parameter queries then I’d recommend the search component. There are some limitations to the search component options but it is powerful.
There are very few cases that I give users the ability to export data. However, I understand that for some use cases “knife and forking” in Excel may be easier.
Obviously, once exported the user is working on an out of date data set.
For context I’m a Microsoft Office User Specialist on Excel and Access. I started my journey with spreadsheets with SuperCalc 5 which predates the launch of Excel. I built commercial Access databases between 1996-2017 when I found Knack. :blush:

I’m sorry you find SQL distasteful. You have me at a disadvantage, I rely on people who know something about Knack. The app works, though only slightly more sophisticated than MS Excel. I can continue on without knowing a thing about the app. I just would like to enhance it’s capabilities and perhaps create a few tables to do away with the Excel spreadsheets that my predecessors have created and used to track changes. Talk about :nauseated_face:

You made a pretty big leap to assume that I let users do anything at all with this database. I’m the only one who does anything with this database. It is simply a customer roster , with subscription information and addresses and such. Users are allowed to do one simple query , look up a subset of fellow customers . I had nothing to do at all with the design and implementation of the Db and the App that supports it. It is a VERY small dataset , way less than 10k rows.

Oh, and BTW, I started my IT career in 1983 as a COBOL programmer, but went on to become a DBA and at one point a Senior Support Specialist working for Oracle Corporation. I retired from HP in 2016. :wink: I used a LOT of Sql in that time frame. When I started my career, PC’s hadn’t advanced to Windows yet.

Hey Jim,

My emoji probably didn’t convey the correct emotion, it was just a nod that the structure of your terminology was reminiscent of an SQL string, which given your background, make sense.
I certainly don’t find SQL distasteful.
You have a wealth of computer experience and I was not trying to patronize you. I’m a full ti me Knack builder and partner and aim to try an assist existing and new people on the platform.
If that was not conveyed in my previous replies then I apologise.
Good luck with you Knack journey :+1:

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Thanks, Carl… I HAVE been known to jump to conclusions!

I do want to become more proficient at using this product. And will follow any suggestions provided! :slight_smile:

No need to apologize, thanks!

I think I’m going to spend the time and effort necessary to learn more about this product. Going to “Getting Started with Knack”… I’m feeling awfully old to be learning new “stuff”! :slight_smile:

Again, thanks Carl.

Hey Jim,

I’m exploring Knack myself. I too come from a SQL background (and dbf before that) and am used to the full power of SQL and I have a lot of experience with a bunch of very powerful RAD tools for building desktop, web and mobile apps. But I’m drawn to Knack (also have been keeping an eye on tadabase) due to it’s simplicity and cloud development environment. I wish that Knack had a ton more features that I get out of other RAD packages and I wish Knack would give us a little bit more flexibility in managing tables (Objects) and records - particularly allow us to get control over Knack’s hidden PK’s and FK’s. So far I’m plowing forward. But I’m still trying to figure out ways to do stuff in Knack that I could easily do in other environments. With every tool there are strengths and weaknesses. It’s always a compromise on finding what works best for you.

Good luck!

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Thanks. I appreciate your comment!