How to combine two distinct fields (First Name and Last Name) into the Name field?

Hi, I have the customer's first name and last names stored in two distinct field in the customer object. For the customer user role, I just would like to use the standard Name field (as connected record to the customer object). The general question is with which function I can copy the values of two distinct fields (First Name and Last Name) into the Name field? I could do an export / import but I don't want to do this every time manually.. Pls advise..

Hi Christian,

The Name type field in Knack is a “Composite” fields, that contains the First Name and the Last name. I am pretty sure the only way you can accomplish this is the download the CSV and then do and update due to the name field type.

Why not just use a Text Formula field as the full name field? And put first and last in as the formula?

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My reply would along the same lines of the others who chimed in here -

You’ll need to export those separate fields and import them, mapping upon import to the components of the new Name field (first and last).

If you want to break them down again for individual use, I’d recommend two text formulas for First and Last, utilizing the "getNameFirst " and “getNameLast” functions documented here: Text Formula Functions - Knack Knowledge Base