Help me Convert "Simple Text Field" to "Name" Field

Overall Task: Create a "Covert Lead to Client" Button that will copy a "Lead" object into a "Client" object.

Problem: The "Name" field I used for the Lead-object is a simple text field, while the "Name" field for the Client-object I am using the actual Knack "Name" field.

I hope that makes sense.

This means when I choose to "insert a connected object" and I want to copy my name field from the LEAD to the CLIENT-- I am unable to because one is using simple text field while the other is using NAME field.

Question: What is the most efficient way to convert/copy all the records in an object from a simple text name field into a Knack Name field?

Would I have to export the data out, then re-import it back in and map the fields?

When you export data from the object, it will give you columns that list the separate elements that make up the Knack “Name” field. You could then import it back into the other object.

Seems like access to the individual elements of the Special Fields has been a topic posted and unanswered for several months.