Print app information for development purposes

I would love to see an easy way to print out all of the related Knack field names for an app databases and pages.


Object Display Name - Object Field Name

Vendor Schedules - object_8

Subcontractors - object_66

Displaying field information for (object) Subcontractors:

Field Display Name - Field Name

EJT! - field_757

EJT2 - field_758


Our apps are getting so large and complicated that I build and modify on a copy (because we have no real sandbox options) and then when I implement the working code (javascript and adding fields/etc to the objects and pages)... I have to painstakingly go back and look up all of the new information for the field and object names.

It would be so nice to be able to print out the structure of an app's objects, fields, views, scenes, etc.

I would love to see this features as well as part of the development environment. 

For what it's worth, I think there is a 'trick' (not an easy way) to extract this information, though you'd probably want to code something afterwards to clean it up.

If you 'Export' an object as either csv or text, it gives the field display names as column headers.

If you 'Export' an object as json, the data structure returned gives the internal field names.

As far as I can tell, they're in the same order, so it should be possible to match them up. (However many fields are reported in the json as both their raw and display formats, so it requires a little bit of jiggery pokery - hence the clean-up code comment.)

Tragically, as far as I can tell the API gives access to the json format, but doesn't give a way to get the CSV/TSV format programatically - or just to access the display names for a field.

Of course this and more would be trivial if there was a way to access the strucutre of an app directly, per feature request:

I agree with both needs - printout and local copy

I need this, too. I think this and an offline accessible database backup to a local computer are the two biggest issues I need solved.