Text Formulas in a form

Hi Knacksers…

I tend to build complex app from time to time, often 12 months gaps…And so forget some of the tricks and shortcomings of Knack (Yes there are great features too)

Basic problem.
Tables: Jobs, Staff
Connection: Many Staff → Jobs

I want to add staff to jobs, then remove (flag them as not available) as they’re pinned to that job (I’ve got a field yes/no) a submit record rule to select NO, if added to job) and a filter to only show Yes.

Anyway, Staff names use the Name field (First& Last) and I have a text formula to create a single selection of the name

I can’t drop that text formula as a lookup in a form.

In short I want to be able to quickly add staff members to a job and then remove them from availability.

Thoughts and guidance appreciated

I think the short answer is that the connection field is the lookup and the display field can be your text formula.

Display field is in the table settings.