Text Formula using field from connected objects

I have an application that includes a JOBS object and TECHNICIAN object. The jobs object includes date fields so that I can track the jobs on a calendar.

I would like the calendar display field to show both the Job Number (from JOBS) and the technician name (from TECHNICIAN) so that a manager can quickly see which technicians are assigned to which jobs on the calendar without having to check the details on each.

My challenge is that the text formula option seems to only allow formulas from the object it resides in, and not any other connected objects.

Anyone have a workaround?

Indeed it does.

The connection fields for Location and Program both exist in the "Engagements" object.

I have contacted Knack support.

That should work but only if the connection field lives on the child object. ie the engagements object.

If that's how it's set up and you cannot get the field value then you might contact knack support. Else you cannot show child values in a text formula field. However you can show a list of child values in a view or table by clicking the carrot and selecting that field from that object's field list.

Please forgive my ignorance. I do not understand your question.

Each one Location is connected to multiple Engagements.

Each one Program is connected to multiple Engagements.

I am trying to place a text formula in the Engagements object that pulls from both a Location Field and a Program field.

How are the objects all connected? This is the issue.

I tried writing it in exactly but it still won't work.

I'd first try clearing my cache and if it still does not turn up in the dropdown list you can write it by hand making sure to use the EXACT characters.

{ObjectName.fieldName} perhaps it is


Correct. Each one of the objects I am trying to connect to can be attached to multiple of the object I am on. So...

Each one Location is connected to multiple Engagements.

Each one Program is connected to multiple Engagements.

I want to create a "Coding" text formula in the Engagements object to pull "LocationID" and "ProgramID".

This is assuming you are on the child connection object and trying to access a fields from a parent object (one to many connection)

For whatever reason, I can never get the connected field to pop up.

You can access connected values. Autofill options should appear to you but sometimes it can be tricky to get them to appear. Look back at the connected object's field in the builder and start typing the name of the field there EXACTLY (in text formula box of target object) and it should pop up as an option. IE to access {TECHNICIAN.Name} start typing "Name" or {JOBS.Number} start typing "Number"